How Drill-Able is your Data Reporting?

Is your Student Information System (SIS) producing static reports that your staff sifts through looking for students needing attention?

Or does it easily identify students that need attention? And if it does, how do you then figure out what specific actions to take?

This is the biggest challenge of enterprise SIS reporting solutions - Drill-Ability.

So maybe you have a more modern system. Does it simply Drill-Into your data or does it Drill-Through your data?

The latter is better because it allows you to not only identify affected students, but to drill into the complete student record to answer any questions related to the cause and effect.

To overcome the shortcomings of many enterprise solutions large institutions employ third-party data warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI) analytical tools. The challenge is many Institutions don’t have the expertise and the finances to afford this.

The Campus Cloud SIS supports this need in an affordable manner.

Since our SIS uses coding natively written for the cloud, MariaDB and SkySQL, our reporting takes advantage of the flexibility afforded by your browser to navigate and Drill-Through reports.

An overview of the basics of a good SIS with Drill-Through reporting follows;

Any questionable element within a report should allow click-to-drill access.

Upon clicking, the browser should display the full student record, in a new window (or Tab), with clickable access to any information collected from all staff interactions related to current, or past, enrollments.

Any questions related to the following topics should be easily analyzed.

  1. Enrollment Management – All admissions related tracking, electronic document management, eSigned Forms and enrollment agreements, including onboarding Checklists.
  2. Student Success – A comprehensive log of all interactions including changes of statuses, leave of absences, and changes to any data. It should also include a log of all communications, Email, SMS or phone calls. The education record should show all critical program enrollment information including grades, attendance, enrollment dates, SAP status…to name the most critical.
  3. Student Accounting – All information related to student financial aid, including awards and statuses. The student subsidiary ledger should include all details related to billing, payments, and earnings.

After completing the specific situational analysis, the user should easily navigate back to the original report updated as the analysis concluded.

If you are interested in a deeper discussion about Data Drilling, check out this Blog Post

In summary, a key need of a modern SIS is to have:

  • Drill-Through capability, from any report.
  • That allows any administrator to efficiently identify students needing help.
  • Within 3 clicks, or less, drill into any aspect of the student relationship with the institution.
      o From the first point of contact
      o Including interactions from all staff members within the organization

Paul Rutledge, Director Sales and Marketing with Campus Cloud Services
(717) 314-8338