May 21, 2018

Campus Cloud Services, LLC, a Student Information Systems provider headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, is proud to announce the soon to be released Version II of its state of the art student information system, Campus Cloud.

Campus Cloud Services has been in existence since 2013 and was co-founded by Mr. Dan Knoble, whose 35 plus year career has been devoted to the development and implementation of student systems for the for profit and not-for-profit post secondary education sectors. He is joined by the firm’s co-founder, Mr. Sasa Skoko , an industry leading student systems technical expert whose last project prior to launching Campus Cloud was as lead developer on a nationally known institution’s educational delivery platform.

Version II of Campus Cloud provides significant enhancements to an existing robust, comprehensive student system. Working closely with our 6 initial clients we have collaborated on expanding Campus Cloud’s capabilities, principally in the areas of end user flexibility, report writing, and multi-lingual system capability.

Some key features of Campus Cloud’s architecture include 100% web based, cloud hosted (requires no local hardware except end user devices). End user devices supported include laptops, tablets, and smart phones, providing anytime, anywhere access for administrators and students, fully supported off-site user storage, and a 24/7 technical and customer service support capability. In addition to permitting clients to enjoy significant savings on installed hardware, the Campus Cloud support model also allows clients to defray the cost of student system support staff.

Perhaps most unique is the Campus Cloud pricing strategy, which represents a new paradigm for the industry for acquisition and implementation of an enterprise SIS platform. There are no license fees, maintenance fees or upgrade fees. Pricing is totally based on active student enrollment with one price per month, no additional charges of any kind. This enables our clients to budget simply and efficiently for their SIS system needs, while also providing them with the lowest SIS system cost in the industry.

As Mr. Knoble recently noted: “Sasa and I agreed that when we decided to build Campus Cloud we would bring our many years of experience to a blank sheet of paper and look to build the best system we could; end user focused, built upon a scalable technical platform, and incorporating the best features of the web in a cloud supported and hosted environment.”

If you would like more information about Campus Cloud or Campus Cloud Services, LLC, please call Bill Brennan, our Senior Partner for Client Services at (609) 405-4157, via email at