Cloud Based

Student Information System

Campus Cloud Services’ Student Information System (SIS) is the first cloud based, real time SIS utilizing the newest, secure technologies.

A cloud-based SIS allows colleges and schools to lower upfront infrastructure costs, repurpose IT professionals to other tasks and focus on projects that differentiate their college instead of infrastructure.


Surprisingly affordable

Low cost annual subscription with no long term commitment. All maintenance and regulatory updates are free. Expert, hands-on implementation support and training are included. No costly infrastructure required.

Honest, Upfront Pricing

You get our entire system for one affordable price. No hidden fees. No surprise charges. Just plain and simple pricing. Complete training and customer support included in price. Never pay a cent for servers, bandwidth and data storage.

Easy to learn and use

Powerful functionality on any device, any time, at any location.
Backups and system security are included. Guaranteed up time and built in hot sites mean no business interruptions.

Complete, safe, secure

It is a “soup to nuts” solution to the complexities of enrolling, tracking and managing a student from start to graduate placement and everything in between.

About Us


Dan Knoble

Managing Partner

Dan Knoble specializes in enabling technologies including applications, networks and office productivity systems.

Dan also brings extensive experience in the development and implementation of complex application systems.

Dan has over 35 years of management and consulting experience serving educational institutions including such institution as Widener University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Tiffin University, Montgomery County Community College and Cuyahoga Community College District.

Sasa Skoko

Managing Partner

Sasa Skoko is an experienced Software Developer with fields of interest that include system programming, algorithm analysis, software security and mobile application development.
Mr. Skoko specializes in and concentrates solely on providing software solutions to the higher education sector.

With more than 30 years of experience in computer technologies and over 20 years in the higher education sector, Sasa has built multiple proprietary Student Information Systems.
Mr. Skoko has a B.S. in Computer Science.

Key Features List

  • Recruiting Tools That Sizzle

    Automated Communication and Follow-up Plans for Leads, Inquiries, Applicants and Students
    Use VOIP Telephony (Auto-Dial Directly from the System) to Call Leads, Inquiries and Applicants
    Easily Send Text Messages as well as E-mail and Paper Documents
    Dashboards Display Real Time Admissions Funnel Statistics
    Access Inquiry and Applicant Information from Any Location
  • Borrower Based Financial Aid

    Full Financial Aid Packaging and Compliance
    Integration with COD
    Borrower Based Academic Year
    Institution and Student Based Budgeting
    ISIR Importing
    Multiple Program and Start Dates
  • Registration is a Snap

    Program Based Course Enrollment
    Degree Planning and Requirements Audit
    Faculty Portal for Grading and Attendance
    Clock/Credit Hour and Term Based Programs
    Integrated with your Learning Management System
    Student Self Registration
  • Student Billing and Accounts Are Fully Integrated

    Flexible Billing Methods and Setup
    Student Portal Provides Access to Statements
    Financial Aid is Fully Integrated
    On-line Payments Processing
    Integrated with your General Ledger System
    Built-in Collections Support
  • Job Placement is Included

    Job Requirements to Skills Matching
    Placement Success Tracking

    Report Writer

    Standard Reports
    Custom Reports Accessing All System Data
    Federal, State, and Regulatory Reporting

    Superior Technology and System Design

    Uses Your Terminology and Your Definitions
    Custom User Views and Menus
    Manage Users and Security With Ease
    Monitor User Activity
    Effortless Data Imports and Exports
    Custom User Defined Fields and Variables


Campus Cloud Services (CCS) is the first cloud-based, real-time SIS available. It is available to Everyone, Everywhere and Anytime. Complete, safe, secure and powerful.
It is a "soup to nuts" solution that marries the complexities of enrolling with the tracking and managing of a student from a lead to graduate placement and everywhere in between. We invite you to click on the modules below to see how each of these exciting solutions can be implemented at your college or school to help you reach your institution's goals.

  • Keep up with your prospects in real time, whether in office or on-site recruiting. Customizable Online application form and application submission process setup.
    Built in data center trigger calls with a click of a mouse rather than manually dialing. Connect users globally. Deliver superior customer service.


    Admissions - Main Admissions - Actions Admissions - Dashboard Admissions - Leads


    Admissions - Monthly Calendar Admissions - Weekly Calendar Admissions - Daily Calendar

    Leads, Applications

    Admissions - New Lead Admissions - New Application Admissions - Online Application Setup Admissions - Lead Application Setup Preview

  • All your student information in one place. Access it from office, tablet or even your mobile device. Monitor student progress, GPA, Attendance, and financial status in multiple programs. Student self-service online registration, streamline prerequisites, co-requisites and permissions. Automated billing support for Semesters/Terms, Credits and Clock Hours based schools.


    Academics - Course Levels Academics - Course Types Academics - Course List Academics - Degree Levels

    Programs, Terms

    Academics - Program List Academics - Term Schedule Academics - Term Schedule Calendar View Academics - Term Start Dates

    Registration, Attendance, Assignments, Gradebook

    Academics - Registration Academics - Attendance Academics - Assignments Academics - Gradebook

  • Manage financial aid for Semesters/Terms, Credits and Clock Hours based schools. Custom Financial Aid online application lets your students accept and decline awards. Import ISIR's and capture all FAFSA data. Streamline packaging and disbursements while complying with federal and regulatory requirements.

    Lenders, Funds, Academic Years


    Cost Of Attendance, Packaging / Federal Limits


    Packaging Students


    Online Application, Communication Plans, ISIR


  • Unlimited Tuition Schedules and course integrated fees let you automate your billing process.
    Automated billing for Semesters/Terms, Credits and Clock Hours based schools. Charges and refunds updated automatically as students register for or drop courses. Standard accounting reports, 1098T and Return to Title IV (R2T4).

    Chart Of Accounts, Refunds

    Biling - Chart Of Accounts Biling - Refunds Biling - Refund Rates

    Fees, Tuition Schedule

    Biling - Fees Biling - Tuition Schedules Biling - Tuition Schedule Rates

  • Customizable Lead, Online application and Financial Aid application form. Track student applications process with centralized messaging system. Self-Service allows students to accept/decline awards, pay their tuition and fees and register for the course while keeping track of prerequisites, corequisites and waiting lists.


    Student Portal - Lead Entry Student Portal - Import Leads Student Portal - Create Account Student Portal - Student Login

    Admissions Applications

    Student Portal - Main Student Portal - Application Student Portal - Application Submitted Student Portal - Application Approval

    Financial Aid, Registration, Attendance

    Student Portal - Application Approved Student Portal - Financial Aid Student Portal - Registration Student Portal - Calendar

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Campus Cloud Services adds to the Team Bench!

Campus Cloud Services, a global provider of Web-Based, Student Information Systems (SIS) for Postsecondary and Higher Education, is proud to announce the addition of Paul Rutledge to the Campus Cloud Team!

Bilal Sagheer April 20, 2022

SIIA Announces Education Technology Finalists for 2022 CODiE Awards

Campus Cloud Services Named 2022 SIIA CODiE Award Ed Tech Finalist in Best Administrative System

Peggy Bresnick October 5, 2021

Cloud-based SIS Fuels Community College's Massive Growth

Ohio’s Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) a few years back developed a three-prong strategy to drive growth. It invested in online learning capabilities, developed on-campus programs that suited the needs of the regional economy, and worked out a plan to make higher education more widely available by removing the barriers to attaining an associate degree like high tuition costs and inconvenient course scheduling.

Peggy Bresnick September 29, 2021

Securing Student Information Systems Critical to Protecting Data

Higher education institutions run on data, using information for admissions to alumni relations and everything in between.

REDWOOD CITY, CA & HELSINKI September 14, 2021

Campus Cloud Fast-Tracks Universities to the Digital Era Relying on Cloud Database MariaDB SkySQL

SkySQL on GCP supports the massive growth of students to online learning and reliance on year-round essential services from Campus Cloud that lets higher education continue uninterrupted even throughout the pandemic...

Irvine, CA October 6, 2019

Campus Cloud + Shape Integration for Shape Software Education CRM

If you are on the education template, field synchronization will automatically be established upon connecting the integration.

Steubenville, OH August 8, 2018

We are every excited to announce the selection of Campus Cloud by Eastern Gateway Community College.

With an enrollment of some 15,000 traditional and online students, EGCC represents the largest institution to select Campus Cloud to date.

Pottstown, PA May 21, 2018

Campus Cloud Services is proud to announce the soon to be released Version II of its state of the art student information system, Campus Cloud.

Campus Cloud Services has been in existence since 2013 and was co-founded by Mr. Dan Knoble, whose 35 plus year career has been devoted to the development and implementation of student systems for the for profit and not-for-profit post secondary education sectors.

Tempe, AZ October 26, 2017

Sessions College Revamps its SIS with Campus Cloud Services

Having an intelligent, powerful student information system (SIS) is essential for any fully online college. When an institution handles all its admissions, registration, student records, and advisement functions on the Web, the SIS must be intuitive, user friendly, and responsive to the needs of students and staff.

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